Texicureans celebrates the diversity of Texas culture and cuisine.

Hosts Cindy Williams and her niece Emily Williams bring viewers along with them into the kitchens of ordinary Texans as they share their extraordinary traditions of food and family.

Texicureans goes beyond the Texas staples of brisket and Tex-Mex for a culinary journey into Texas history, cultural diversity, and rich traditions in the Lone Star State.

Chill Dill Cucumber Soup

June 12, 2024

Cool, refreshing, and literally lunch in a bowl – this chilled soup will make your warm summer days happy! Cucumbers combined with dill and tarragon give depth of flavor.  The yogurt is full of protein.  And throw in some Texas olive oil – YUM! Fresh dill is amazing in this… Read more

Herb Butter Drop Biscuits

June 4, 2024

Biscuits: Yum.  Biscuits with a herb butter: Amazing! A food processor and simply dropping the biscuits make prep super easy.  And melding the herbs into butter is a fragrant gift. For brunch you can add an egg dish.  For lunch – a salad.  And for dinner – well that Soul… Read more

Lemon Curd

April 29, 2024

Lemon curd is a time-honored filling for a layer cake.  A layer cake creates the WOW in the dessert arena.  They are really not much trouble, and an occasion becomes even more special with this spectacular filling. Another of Margaret Lea Houston’s recipes, and a  southern favorite.  You can look… Read more

Rich and Dense White Cake (Sam Houston’s Family Recipe)

April 29, 2024

Elegant, rich, and definitely fit for a special occasion: This recipe was passed down through the Sam and Margaret Houston family.  It has been published many times – the first thought to be in the 1941 Blue Bird Circle Cookbook.  The Texas Imperial Sugar Company also featured it in several of… Read more

Shiny Chocolate Icing

April 24, 2024

A tasty recipe from the tough and legendary Margaret Lea Houston  Texas women are strong. That’s no secret. Don’t think so? Well, have you met one? As Texicureans, we love to blend our curiosity of history and food together to give you a good story. We went to Burleson County… Read more

Sautéed Garlicky Broccoli

April 17, 2024

Sometimes it’s just the simple recipes that bear repeating for our everyday dinners.  Broccoli is by far the most commonly consumed cruciferous vegetable in America.  Studies have established a link between cruciferous vegetables and cancer prevention. And it’s just good!  I love this recipe because the broccoli is first sautéed… Read more

Easy Eclipse Charcuterie

April 3, 2024

Are you celebrating the eclipse with friends or family? Emily has created a board that is easy and thematic! Using a round of brie to represent the moon with a round of cheddar sticking out in partial eclipse of the sun fashion – you can use your creativity or follow… Read more

Easter Sunrise Quiche AKA Asparagus and Ham Quiche

March 27, 2024

“Good Morning!” says this quiche! A great make-ahead dish for Easter morning, you can bake it, freeze it, and pull it out the evening before just to pop it in the oven for a quick warm up. Since it has ham, eggs, and veggies – you’re covered for breakfast or… Read more

Donut Easter Baskets

March 8, 2024

At Texicureans we talk a lot about traditions being passed down through  recipes.  These Easter baskets are exactly that for my family. My Mom made these Donut Easter Baskets for my school classes growing up, and I made them for my son’s classes.  We also would typically have them for… Read more