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Easy Eclipse Charcuterie

Are you celebrating the eclipse with friends or family?

Emily has created a board that is easy and thematic!

Using a round of brie to represent the moon with a round of cheddar sticking out in partial eclipse of the sun fashion – you can use your creativity or follow Emily’s directions to a “T”.

Add a bottle of bubbly to celebrate and voila – you are covered.

Remember to wear those fashionable eclipse glasses!

Eclipse Charcuterie

A Cheesy Tribute
Course Appetizer
Cuisine American


  • 8 oz round brie
  • crumbly sharp cheddar
  • Manchego
  • pepper jack slices
  • Gouda
  • Slice round yellow cheddar
  • Italian dry salami
  • Prosciutto
  • Cornichons
  • Honey
  • fig jam
  • grapes
  • strawberries
  • blueberries
  • half moon cookies
  • Mint for garnish


  • Arrange any ramekins in opposite corners on board - honey, fig jam, cornichons
  • Slice round of brie in 1/2 using a wire slicer. Take a round slice of hamburger cheddar cheese and insert between the brie slices leaving enough exposed to create a crescent shape. (brie is the moon and cheddar is the sun). Place in the middle of the board.
  • Take the pre-sliced cheese and fashion a crescent shape. Place on top of the brie.
  • Slice the manchego in 1/3" slices. Arrange in a "zipper" pattern on tray.
  • Cut gouda into cubes. Place any craters side up (to represent the moon) Place opposite the manchego on the tray.
  • Create large "crumbs" out of the sharp cheddar/parmesan cheese. Place on platter. Place opposite the manchego and gouda.
  • Add grapes, sliced strawberries.
  • Fold salami in 1/2 and place throughout the board. Place a few together.
  • Fold prosciutto in 1/2 and create a ribbon.
  • Fill in with blueberries, more halved strawberries, and additional grapes. Add in 1/2 moon cookies. Garnish with mint. Add more crescent moons if desired.
  • Serve with crackers on the side. Add in cheese knives, honey dipper, and spoon for jelly.


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